Thinking Community

What does it take to build a community? I listen to stories that my neighbors tell of growing up in Bemiss (50 years ago) and they talk of shared iceskating rinks, of street closed so kids could sled, and of parties with neighbors. They tell stories of the people who have shared their lives as they grew up, of what happened to them in high school and about where they worked and, sometimes, what is happening to them now.

Community is all about stories and stories only happen in relationships.

This video that I found on the Zone Project website, talks about a new way to think about communities. Let us know if you are inspired and come to the next Bemiss Neighborhood Council meeting and share your inspiration!

Asset Mapping – Another Tool

This is a long video, but valuable. Logan was fortunate enough to use this strategy by partnering with Gonzaga. Unfortunately that program is being re thought by the university and is not currently available.